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I'm Koken, a multidisciplinary designer and developer based in New York.

I studied Game Design and Mathematics at NYU 🎓

Now working as a UX Designer and AR/VR Developer

Born in Osaka, raised in Shanghai, drunk on tea 🍵

Take a look at my projects, or play some games!


Mobile Product Design + Development

A food sustainability app that allows the users to automatically log their carbon footprint with Computer Vision.

UX design for interactions with AI features.

A 72-hour Hackathon project.

Research + Product Design + Prototype

During my internship at ByteDance, our team designs and develops enterprise products providing office efficiency and collaboration solutions. My intern projects focused on video conference solutions, the office resource management system and the administration system.

Research + Product Design + Prototype

I conducted a small group research and found that ordering together on delivery apps are popular among college students. Here is a proposed group ordering experience designed for Uber Eats. 

Mobile Product Design + Prototype

We want to understand our money. In the fast pace of modern society, we want everything to happen on our finger tips, including professional finance decisions. Here is a mobile banking experience that helps people to understand their portfolio and manage their assets.

Web games, ready for play.


Production, Design, Branding


Art Weekend

GALA72 is a three-day New York student art weekend event on 4/12-4/14, 2019. It featured gallery, live music, street dance performance, drama and musical happening across three venues in downtown Manhattan. 

AR, Product Design

WS Home

AR Experience

An AR experience to bridge the offline reading with the online shopping process for interior design magazine.

VR + Product + Dev

Hand Tracking

VR Keyboard

As a personal project, I designed and developed a new hand tracking keyboard for Oculus Quest. I aim to improve the hand tracking experience.

The new design shows a very good potential in improving the input efficiency. With a user test showing more than 50% increase in typing speed.

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